Business Development

Let us be your business cooperative to ensure that you have the technological and digital position on the market.

  • Safe the amount of manpower.
  • Digital flow in operations.
  • Save costs in running your business.
Mikkel Selente

Business Plan

To be a founder of a company you need to have an idea, to make business of a product or service you need to have a business plan. Your business plan should be clear and provide a roadmap for your company. Without a plan, you’ll find it more difficult to communicate your vision and see a path to growth.

Marketing Activities

Marketing isn't as simple as paid advertising on television or in newspapers. Marketing is any technique used to make the public aware of a company and what it has to offer over its competitors. The variations of marketing activities are vast and encompass almost every kind of media and company-initiated outreach. Let us create an effective and customized activity plan for your business.


To provide a product or a service it requires to know all the consequences it follows, such as manpower, costs, distribution, time consumption, physical or digital locations, national or international operations. Creating a plan for startup and scale can be a demanding tasks that we can accommodate.


There are many business strategy decision to make either if you are planning to sell business to business, business to consumer or consumer to consumer. Networking and knowing who to cooperate with can be a challenging puzzle to solve especially when costs and distribution is an marginal game to solve.


To raise capital can be challenging enough and even harder to do without a proper plan for near future and the long term future. Idea needs to become a product that are payable and has a great vision and mission in itself, it needs to be protectable, knowing it’s exponential possibilities and ensuring your investors a return.