Cloud Solutions

Designing architecture that lasts for the next decade and making sure it’s portability is remaining for any cases.

  • Scalability for the unforeseen future.
  • Cost effectivity of the solution.
  • See monitoring to know exactly what’s going on.
Mikkel Selente

Serverless Architecture

If you don’t want to have any servers in your possession and want to run your application or code on an existing backend from cloud providers we can help you with that. We work with Lambda, Firebase and Microservices to provide such functionality.

AWS / Google Cloud

We have worked with cloud solutions for the past 7 years and have great knowledge of using the correct services for any kind of application. Let us tailor your architecture in cloud and make it auto-scalable, consistent, redundant and load balancing.


Develop your applications with microservice architecture to ensure the scalability, modularity, continuous refactoring and continuous delivery. Ensure your applications to be always online, always scalable and always ready for new functionality without breaking up the platform each time. We can provide the enterprise architecture for any uses and scales.

On-Premise Hosting

If you have already your own server architecture available for either ownership of the system or the privacy reasons, we can work in any kind of environments. Our prefered operating system is Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Yocto, Red Hat) and Windows, IIS.

Mobile Backend as a Service

Nowadays most apps to require a web connected backend. we create BaaS that enables you to manage a centralised database that lets your users share content and communication via the cloud where you have full control of the system and further develop in it.