IoT Solutions

Home automation, industry monitoring and security systems

Mikkel Selente

Home automation

Smart Home applications is everywhere and are coming closer to the consumers and homes every day. We can help you to create your own solution or taking in use an existing solution with your own customization. CubatorLab can setup a project, workshop business strategies, create onboarding process, give long term support and SLA.

Industry monitoring

An explosive IoT industry is at its rise with many possibilities, for all sectors or departments within organization. IoT is a technology a business can use for internal reporting, analysis, monitoring or create any kind of big data logging for further business intelligence. We can build custom solution for your needs or support an existing solution in your environment. We have experience with HW design and SW stacks for technologies like Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, GSM, NB-IoT, Disruptive Technologies and cloud to cloud integration.

Security Systems

The internet is rapidly changing and new government regulations are on the rise where consumers are getting comprehensive privacy rights that makes it hard to navigate through for any kind of organizations. Creating a digital solution is getting resource and knowledge demanding. At CubatorLab we can help you to navigate, create security system to protect your servers, solution, authentication, privacy, contracts and support it with continuous monitoring.