Platform Solutions

Our process is build around quality-driven and continuous integration principles to deliver a product where both you and us can proud of.

  • Meet the needs of your users.
  • Deliver your product on time. Hassle-free.
  • Set clear development goals and reveal your app's true potential.
Mikkel Selente

Surveillance Solution

Lease a free platform with Mobile App, Web Administration or build your own interfaces on APIs. We provide a cloud based video monitoring system to get 24/7 monitoring of your properties or integrate with your own platform for your end users. In cooperation of intelligent video monitoring with Ivideon.

Solution as a Service

We help you convert your business into a digital ecosystem where all activities, transactions, registrations are centralized to ensure the supervision of the operations and consistency in an environment that are ready for scale. We work with Payex, Stripe, SVEA, Klarna, OpenCRM, SugarCRM, Salesforce, OwnCloud and much more within CMS, CRM, ERP, PMS, Payment Solutions and Ecommerce systems.

Big Data / BI

Almost everyone in the IT industry is talking about structured big data and how to make it available for internal and external applications. We have great experience in creating structural data, environment for accessing big data and storage of data in readable formats. We use extensively Elasticsearch and MongoDB.

Privacy & Security

The more digital we become, the greater is need for privacy and security. With new regulations from governments EU and US that are getting more frequent on updates and now with penalties - the risk for business getting in trouble from either attacks or the government is very high. We work with architectures and technologies that can help you in those scenarios.