Video & AR

Surveillance platform, Virtual reality and deep learning

Mikkel Selente

Surveillance Solution

We can offer you a unique platform that is used by more than 2M users worldwide and is supporting a big amount of camera manufacturers. We can help you to create your own solution or use it as is. The platform provides you an end-user mobile application, Management Console and API's that can easily be integrated with your own systems. CubatorLab can set up a project, provide development, onboarding process and give you SLA, alarm support and more that is needed for your organization.

Virtual Reality

A new way to interact with people, machines, virtual- and physical objects. Create an augmented reality of your workspace or customer locations and you will be able to see things that you weren't able to see or notice before. We can help you to develop custom applications for AR/MR glasses, mobile applications or cameras, furthermore provide support, learning courses and more.

Deep Learning

With deep learning, organizations are able to harness the power of unstructured data such as images, text, and voice to deliver transformative use cases that leverage techniques like AI, image interpretation, automatic translation, natural language processing, and more. CubatorLab can workshop and plan a solution based on result that is wanted, deploy project and monitor the effectiveness of the application to improve it on the go.